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   Alternative  Integrative  Traditional THAI - ASIAN Medicine TTM


Your first visit consist of a multifaceted approach to your personal health and well being. We explore your past present and future potential. The initial session will give you a positive one-on-one personal experience with one of  our qualified practitioners. We discuss medical history, previous and current activities, goals, and your future fitness and health objectives. Once we have done a thorough functional, lifestyle and bio-mechanical assessment, we will go through potential associated stretching groups, exercises, yoga postures and breathing methods that may benefit you. Your initial visit will be approximately 45/60 minutes.  During this time we begin gently working to help your body to align and restore itself. During subsequent sessions we work on additional personalized stretches, breathing methods and exercises, you can do at home.  Many other elements and concepts relative to good health will be discussed during future visits. Each consecutive Signature Stretch or Thai Traditional Medicine TTM session builds on your previous progress. Positive transformation often begins from your 'First Visit'!  



​Drink plenty of water before and after your visit.  We recommend adding Ultima Replenisher to your water to allow your body to maintain a good balance of macro and micro-essential electrolytes.Proper hydration enables the muscles and fascia stretch more efficiently.


Wear athletic clothes, i.e., shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt or gym shirt and socks. Changing rooms are available.


Please arrive approximately 10 minutes early to check in and fill out new patient paperwork.  For your first visit, please bring:

  • Your drivers license or passport
  • If you are referred from a physician please bring written reports and copies of relevant test results
  • Water and a towel (optional)


Please note: Aiello Goup is not a acute care facility.  Physician referrals are accepted. Please check with your physician  to determine whether stretching is safe and will benefit you. We are an alternative Integrative fitness (stretching) wellness facility and wellness services are not covered by medical insurance.​​