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AIELLO SIGNATURESTRETCHING tm Our special stretching method is gentle, safe and effective in helping accelerate healing and recovery from injuries and illness. Enjoyed around the world by Athletes and Non-Athletes of all ages. With this Pure Active Kinetic Stretching Method muscles, fascia, and lymphatics are effectively relaxed circulation improved and energy centers opened initiating the body’s natural response to relax and restore itself to it's natural healthy state. Aiello Signature Stretching is available in 30 and 45 minute sessions designed to meet your individual needs.

"It's really quite simple we find the tight constricted areas of the body release them

and relaxation of body and mind occur. The bottom line is - You feel and function better".  


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AIELLO GROUP SIGNATURE SERIES STRETCHES:  Artistic comprehensive, body,  mind and senses improvement. Aiello  Method blends elements of Thai-Asian Fusion Medicine TTM with Western science. Choose the method that meets your personal needs.

Dr Aiello also offers group  classes seminars and workshops .These seminar  workshops or classes  are a unique and authentic presentions  on various Asian methods of practice and training .as indicated throughout this website.  Please inquire directly with Dr Aiello. 

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          Debbie Carpenter Aiello Group Head Stretch Specialist   also    Portrait of Dr Komparage Shivacca   known as the Father Doctor of Traditional Thai Medicine.    

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AIELLO SPINAL RELEASE TECHNIQUE tm A 'quick' effective non-chiropractic approach for addressing neck, back, shoulder, low back and hip pain. The Spinal Release Technique focuses specifically on individual needs by releasing stressed taught tender fibers that build up in para-spinal muscles and fascia often a common cause of multiple back issues. This Exclusive AIELLO STRETCHING METHOD is a very popular, safe, gentle and effective natural healing alternative for dealing with back and neck discomfort and or pain. . 

WAT-PO THAI TRADITIONAL MEDICAL SCHOOL (Southern Style) TTM tm This highly respected Asian Healing Method features Authentic Traditional Thai (Medical) Massage and other Asian deep tissue techniques incorporating firm palm, thumb and forearm pressure to encourage full body flexibility and relaxation while relieving and healing muscular aches and pains. This Authentic THAIELLO TTM Traditional Thai Medicine focuses on total integration of mind, body and senses including the use of Thai herbal essential oils and Ingenious Asian plant based balms. Ayurvedic Aesthetic Self Stretching Yoga and Meditation is integrated smoothly into this specialized work.

Note: Reservation Required

Dr Aiello recommends at least three consecutive THAIELLO sessions to achieve optimal results by completing the extensive Authentic WAT-PO Traditional Thai Medicine full body sequence's. Each Session runs approximately (30-45) min.                                                                            

​  Brain-Body Connection: During each of these exclusive (30-45 min) personalTraditional Thai Medicine sessions 'neural networks' the connections between the brain and body, are strengthened. This is done by precisely contracting and  relaxing  muscles while moving your body through specific breathing and Traditional Thai Accupresure sequences. Thai Sen - Lines (Merridans) are cleared utilizing select Asian Botanicals and Herbal Aromatic Balms. This original method may result in improved lymphatic circulation,  improvement of mental clarity, better balance, increase in physical coordination, pain reduction and many other healthy benefits. 

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