Fluid losses from the body occur continuously, through skin evaporation, respiration, urine etc. Replenishing the water and electrolytes lost is essential to our health. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of fluid and it's nutrients. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption of nutrients, circulation, synovial fluid maintenance, saliva, brain nutrient conduction transportation, and maintenance of body temperature.

Electrolytes are minerals that have many functions in the body including maintaining water balance, helping muscles (including the heart) contract and relax, and helping to transmit nerve impulses. The most common electrolytes are sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride, which are lost in sweat along with water. 

The  daily use of 'Sea Salt Lime and Honey'  is  a good standby for some 'fu-fu la-la Yoga practioners and athletes but Dave Carpenter Traditional Karate Practioner and Teacher for 25 years recommends  ULTIMA  REPLENISHER.  He Say's when it comes to 'Real and Intense Austere Training' like 'Climbing The Legendary Warrior Mountain' it takes full strength  Ultima Replenisher to do the job. Ultima is available at Aiello Group don't get caught without it take Sensei Dave's advice. This product is no hype in stops cramping fast - helps with quick recovery and to re-sharpen mental focus after intense training sessions. So "No Joke"  Sensei Dave Carpenter is "Known in the traditional karate and Hockey world for his Fierce Training and Friendly Disposition and straight talk But just in case I advise you stay on his 'GOOD SIDE' - Dr Aiello             

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25 years of austere budo training and teaching with Dr Aiello   Here's  CHEERS!  to the next 25...

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Dr Judy Wan -  U of M  Bio Ecology PhD.   "It's always a good idea  to hydrate well before practice to avoid the crash ..  Dr Judy is a 'Rock Climber',  Intense Bikram Yoga Teacher and Serious Practitioner she knows about "The Crash".  We did our Bikram Teacher Training together in Phuket Thailand in 2015 - "Awesome" Dr Aiello

Hydration and Breathing 

Breathing is very important when stretching it is the mind body connection. With every breath in and out, the body responds in sync with that movement and the brain is responding as well.  Muscles expand and contract, pumping blood to the heart and pumping lymph through the body.  Each vertebra on the spine also moves in sync with the breathing cycle in order to maintain integrity of the spine and the spinal cord.  Drawing the breath down into the diaphragm engages a powerful flow of energy through the body. Aiello Method incorporates many forms of yoga and meditative breathing. Breathing plays a role in many Asian forms of healing including  Traditional Thai and Ayurvedic medicine. Throughout your visits you will be intrduced to these and instructed in correct methodology.