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The Aiello Group clinic has been in Royal Oak, MI since 1982 offering exceptional personalized care. Dr Aiello holds degrees in chiropractic, clinical nutrition, and diplomate preventive medicine. His background includes extensive International study and teaching including Japanese karate, aiki-jujitsu, kenjutsu and Rinzai Shu Zen Meditation Author of 8 books related to training, exercise, healing' medicine and Zen philosophy. Dr Aiello studied Accupuncture and Chi-Gong in China 1991 Certified  (Amaro Institute). Certified in Traditional Thai Medicine from Wat-Po Medical University Bangkok Thailand and Ayurvedic Hatha Yoga with Bikram Yoga College of India.     

Background & Stretch History

​Dr. Aiello studied with Aaron Mattes founder of the (Mattes Method) to learn the principles and practices of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). From 2008-2012, he understudied and worked with Head Coach and Elite Stretching Master James Henry and the University of Michigan (UM) track and field team.  Dr Aiello provided training, stretching, and chiropractic care for athletes, coaches, and staff.  He became the first chiropractor to be  recognized by the University of Michigan athletic department. 

Dr. Aiello  also conducted speed, strength and endurance training workshops for many years helping amateur and professional athletes achieve greater levels of health, fitness, and conditioning.

Aaron Mattes (Left), Coach James Henry (Middle), Dr. Aiello (Right), at the UM Indoor Track and Fieldhouse, 2006.

                                                  U of M Track and Field

                             Head Coach James Henry,  Dr Jerry Aiello and Aaron Mattes 

Dr. Aiello leading a SportsFit training program in 2011.  The program included speed, strength and endurance training drills, plyometrics, walk/run training programs, gait training, and development of mental toughness.


                                     Global Stretching Initiative 

Coach James Henry, Head Coach of UM Women's Track and Field team (Left), and Dr. Jerry Aiello (Right) in 2012.