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Thaiello Aesthetic Self Stretchingtm Has many healthful benefits . This is Authentic 1000 year old stretching system as the the origional Ruesi Aesthetics of Thailand practice still today. This method as practiced and taught exclusively by Dr Aiello has supportive Mental and physical health enhancing techniques inherent within this exclusive system.  Rejuvenating effects to hair, skin, endocrine, immune system as well as musculo-skeletal improvement, flexibility and tone for all ages and conditions are often seen when supported along with Wat-PoTraditional Thai Medical Massage. The Thaiello System of Aesthetic Self Stretching may help normalize  blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels in type two diabetics. For those who are looking for the next level of life style transformation this maybe what your looking for.  Dr Aiello coordinates with Doctors from all specialties of practice.   If you are currently being treated by a Physician  please check to see if  your Doctor  to see if Traditional Thai Medicine is safe for you.  PLEASE NOTE  Aiello Group is not an acute care facility but Physician referrals are accepted .                                                                                 

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Biomechanics relates to human motion, gait, pedal (foot) stability, propulsion and muscle action, which is the basis for determining the neutrality, normality and abnormality of the body structure (bio) and the forces on this structure (mechanics). Misalignments in the feet (e.g., pronation or supination) may lead to imbalances in the rest of the body, which in turn can result in chronic pain.


Orthotics are orthopedic devices designed to stabilize or adjust various biomechanical foot misalignments.  They are fitted specifically to your foot and thus no two orthotics are alike.  We custom fit each orthotic from an impression of the foot called a cast. This cast duplicates any misalignment in the foot allowing specially trained technicians in a laboratory to correct the misalignments with compensation and stabilization techniques.  We have specially developedbiomechanical fitting methods to aid in the correction of structural  imbalances and asymetries, taking into consideration knee alignment, pelvis rotation, hip tilt, shoulder and neck posture. Aiello Group has been fitting high quality 'Sports Orthotics' since 1982.  Athletes and non - athletes around the world rely on our standard of excellence to keep them performing at their optimal levels.