There is much more to Bikram  Yoga  than the proverbial   26 -2 - 104  and  40 ...  . Unfortunately we are in the era of anything goes in the world of yoga and Bikram Yoga is no exception.  For Bikram Yoga to be Authentic with 'REAL BIKRAM RESULTS' You need a Authorized Official Studio with Instructors  who are authentic currently certified and in good standing with Bikram Guru.  True Hatha Yoga is not just an "exercise program", "back treatment or " alignment yoga" etc..   While it's true you can legally call anything "yoga"  it doesn't make  it  Bikram Yoga.

Remember for best results you need to to have an Official Bikram Studio and Official Bikram Choudhury Trained Instructors who are currently up to date with certification and in good standing with Bikram Headquarters. Yes - Bikram teachers are required to be authorized  directly with Bikram Yoga College of India every three years to be considered current.  Teaching Bikram Yoga is not just a matter of just having a certificate or knowing the words and putting people through the 26 postures.  Be weary of studios  with a sign that says Bikram YOGA but have altered the teachings of Bikram Yogi. Example shortining the famous trademark traditional 90 min class. With Bikram there is only one way to practice Bikram Yoga the right way!

We feel that to teach true authentic Bikram yoga lineage it is meant to be taught for personal transformation, healing and life changes and the teacher should be directly transmitting the 'True Heart Mind and Spirit of Guru Bikram Choudhury and be certified directly by him.   


If there is any question about the authenticity, current status or question of whether the studio is a official  please contact Bikram Yoga College of India Headquarters website  for  more information .

NOTE: When you are investing your time energy and money don't accept less than True Authentic 90 min long class at 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity with 26 postures + two breathing exercises  - Don't settle for less if you want TRUE BIKRAM YOGA RESULTS....


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            Bikram Yoga 26 Posture Sequence 

Bikram Yoga

Time Tested and True YOGA Lifestyle With Epigenetic Effects

The Bikram Yoga 26 Posture Seqeunce

The Bikram Yoga 26 Posture Seqeunce

The Bikram Yoga 26 Posture Seqeunce


Bikram Yoga often referred to as a ninety  minute moving meditation, it has helped people around the world to maintain good health, regain vitality and youthfulness for over 50 years. It is also well  known for helping speedy recovery from injury and illness. Aiello Group Royal Oak utilizes the Bikram Yoga Sequence and Pranayama Methods to stretch and strengthen your body promoting greater symmetry and improved healing.  As Bikram Choudhury say's "Your never too old - It's never too late - your never too sick to start over again from scratch". Expect to see improvement immediately in your daily activities and exercise programs along with deepening of your personal yoga practice along with improved  mental focus and a greater sense of well being.  Life will just be better!                              






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