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THE SIGNATURE STRETCH has become a new source of strength  conditioning and healing for anyone interested pursuing the next level of personal function and performance leading to optimal health. The benefits of Signature Stretching, are not limited to athletes seeking to maximize performance as so many people think. Functional fitness and health benefits extend to people of all fitness, health levels and ages seeking to improve their ability to enjoy a FULLY ACTIVE HEALTHY LIFE.

 A.G. Stretching 


Please note stretching and fitness activities such as yoga and strengthening require active participation.  Due to the nature of active participation exercise used in our Signature Stretching Methods we recomend checking with your primary medical care provider to determine whether it is safe for you to participate in our Active Kinetic Stretching Methods.     Thank You..


  • Increases oxygenation & nutrition of myofascial structure promoting growth & repair
  • Reduces the risk of muscles strain & tearing from excessive activity
  • Increases & stimulates the circulation and drainage of lymph, detoxifying and eliminating waste
  • The body's optimal healing time reduces
  • Improves flexibility & health of muscles, tendons, & ligaments
  • Releases and breaks down adhesion that occurring from previous trauma or inflammation
  • Reduces muscle spasms and Cramping
  • Increases performance, speed, & agility
  • Restores both superficial & deep fascial and circulatory wellness
  • Restores biomechanical alignment
  • Synergistic with yoga, spinning, running, fitness classes, cycling, etc...   

 BODY  -  HEAD  -  FACE  -  FEET

                 DEBBIE 'The STRETCHER' -  Stretching Director;   

                 Signature AIS Stretching, Hatha Yoga,  Sportsfit Trainer