Our special stretching method is gentle, safe and effective for helping accelerate healing and recovery from injuries and illness. Enjoyed worldwide by athletes and non-athletes of all ages. A.G. Global Signature Stretching  relaxes muscles, fascia, improving circulation and opening energy centers. This state of the art stretching method initiates the body's natural response to restore itself to a natural and healthy equilibrium.  Signature Stretching is available in 30 and 45  minute sessions each designed to meet individual needs and is synergistic with Chiropractic, Orthopedic  Medicine,  Physical Therapy or Massage

                   "It's really quite simple. Once we find and release the tight constricted areas relaxation 

                         of the body and mind occurs. The bottom line is you feel and function better."  


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ARTISTICALLY DESIGNED | SCIENTIFICALLY BASED           RESULTS ORIENTED​​              

The A.G. Stretching blends elements of A.I.S. Stretching, Traditional Thai Asian Fusion Stretching with Western science to achieve comprehensive improvement of the body, mind and senses. We work with you to find the technique that suit your personal needs.

 Debbie Carpenter, A.G. Global; Head Stretching  Specialist:  25 years expierence working with Health,  Fitness,  Sports-Fit Training,   Ayurvedic Hatha Yoga and Meditation Breathing Methods

Spinal Release Technique  TM

  Videos of 2010 Sportsfit Stretching Workshops

Signature Stretching for Sports Health Fitness


Dr. Komparaj Shivago, the father of

Traditional Thai medicine.  Physician

to Shakyamuni Buddha

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​S.R.T. ​​A 'Quick' effective (non - chiropractic)  Thai Stretching approach for addressing difficult neck, shoulder, 

back and hip pain by combining  Traditional Thai Asian Fusion Technique and AIS Stretching with Western Science.   This exclusive Technique is safe,  gentle and all natural it is designed to work by focusing specifically on your  individual needs by releasing the stressed taught and tender fibers that build up in para-spinal muscles and fascia.  This buildup can lead to a variety of back and pain issues. The A.G.  Signature Spinal Release Technique works independently as a healing alternative or in conjunction with other treatment modalities such as Chiropractic,  Orthopedic Medicine, Massage or Physiotherapy.