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  Since 1982 Reserve 


       Stretching With Purpose 

Our Intention is to ensure a highly personalized exceptional experience every visit. Clients contact us directly or by referral from their Medical Physician, Sports Coach, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Prominent Chef or Good Friend... 

Part of the Michigan  healthcare community since 1982. Aiello Group Global Stretching Initiative is internationally renown for innovative Signature Stretching, Aiello Spinal Release Technique and Special Reserve Stretching The EvOlutionOf Healing. We are also recognized as one of Michigan's original pioneers of Active Isolated Stretching as created by stretch pioneer and friend, Aaron Mattes. 


     ** NOTE, Among the current top 10 Elite global stretch specialists 

          "I consider Aaron Mattes of Sarasota Florida to still be                                      the #1  'Stretch Master'  in the world today" 

               DR AIELLO  (Director Global Stretching Initiative)                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                      Aiello Group Doctors and Practitoners view lifestyle state of mind and physical health as a continuum. We address asymmetrical 
function of the body, mind and senses that may lead to physical or emotional health and stress issues.  All of our practitioners are uniquely qualified and dedicated to providing the highest quality stretching. As Integrative Alternative health professionals we are driven by passion and confidence in the  exclusive products and services we provide. 

*Please Note: We are not an acute care facility, but we do accept referrals from physicians and other natural health care providers. We focus on highest quality  Alternative and Integrated care standards for our clients and those who refer them to our practice.                                             

No matter how extensive our backgrounds    or what our previous accomplishments, it is imperative that we continue to deepen our knowledge base and strive for the elusive personal excellence.                                               "Focus on the future the past is               behind, time flies like an arrow ​- Don't Waste It - 

                                   Dr Aiello

 The  work we provide is scientifically based and artistically designed; our focus is on improving health, restoring innate genetic bio-cellular activity, and restructuring brain neurosynaptic architecture.      Dr. Aiello

                   THE ART and SCIENCE  of Natural HEALING